Snap! Spend’s all-in-one solution streamlines billing for admins and gives parents an easy way to manage their payments online


  • WAVE Volleyball needed a way to simplify their payment collection and tracking process while providing a top-tier experience for parents
  • They switched from accepting cash and checks as payment options to all automatic online payments using Snap! Spend
  • Out of 500 families, only two didn’t sign up, and Kristen saves over 20 hours per week on tracking, collecting, and processing payments


WAVE Volleyball has been a powerhouse club for many years. When Kristen & Brennan Dean took it over 10 years ago, they quickly realized that collecting payments would be challenging for a club with over 500 players. They decided to take a family-first approach, starting out with cash and check payments and later adding credit cards and ACH to offer as many options as possible.

But rather than making things easier, having so many choices actually made the process more difficult, both for parents and for the club. And, with a new baby on the way, Kristen was handling it all herself. Between all the processing and bookkeeping, trips to the bank, and tracking down parents who hadn’t paid yet, she knew her system was no longer tenable. She needed a way to streamline the process so that it was paperless, electronic, and, most importantly, easy and inexpensive for families to use.


Kristen did a lot of research on possible solutions over a two-year period before finally finding Snap! Spend. She liked that it was specifically designed for club sports and focused solely on making online payments easy for both teams and families. It completely transformed the payment collection process for WAVE.

“We want families’ experience with WAVE to be top-tier from the moment they walk in the door, to their first time on the court and the coaching they receive. An organized and simple payment experience is part of that and with Snap! Spend we accomplish that.”

With Snap! Spend, Kristen can manage all of her collections for the whole club from one easy-to-use platform. Billing is automated, so all she has to do is log in after a due date to see if there are any missed payments or issues that need her attention. Otherwise, she knows the money will automatically be in the club’s account without her having to lift a finger.

Unlike other platforms, Snap! Spend makes it easy for Kristen to set up special payment plans for individual players, or to add a payment in the middle of the season. She can also adjust due dates if parents need a few extra days or have credit card issues. With just a few clicks, the change is made and parents are automatically notified.

On the parent side, they can log in and check their payment schedule, see how much they still have left to pay for the season, and change their payment method at any time, all without ever having to call Kristen. Plus, they get automated reminder messages to ensure that they’re never surprised when the money comes out of their account.

“We did a lot of prep work ahead of time, and the Snap! Spend team was awesome with getting us set up well in advance and answering any questions we had.”


Since WAVE started using Snap! Spend, Kristen no longer has to chase parents down to collect club dues, and there are fewer missed or late payments than before. It’s much more convenient for families, since they no longer have to worry about remembering due dates or their kids forgetting about checks in their backpacks. Automating the payment process saved Kristen around 20 hours per week, which is time that she can now spend focusing on her own family, the players, and the sport.

“Families aren’t perfect, so there are still bounced payments and things that happen, but managing those issues is a breeze with the way Snap! Spend is set up. I can identify quickly who hasn’t paid and who has a payment that didn’t go through, so it’s not nearly as tedious as it was before.”

Out of all 500 players in the club, only two families opted not to sign up for Snap! Spend. Parents love that they’re able to log in at any time and see at a glance which payments still need to be made and when they’re due.

“Even the parents who initially may not have been so happy about switching to electronic payments have learned to love the system because it really is so easy. If you want to streamline your life and have sanity in your club, this is the way to do it.”