With over 170 travel teams and volunteer team treasurers collecting and spending player dues, Florida Elite Soccer Academy’s administrative team poured countless hours into overseeing teams and ensuring families’ money was handled responsibly. By adopting Snap! Spend, Florida Elite streamlined the club’s oversight of team finance and provided volunteers with an all-in-one solution to manage team funds with built-in accountability.

“Snap! Spend has enabled us to instantly and easily review team spending ensuring that our teams are following club policies for reimbursement.”

Challenge: Low visibility into team spending and high workload to ensure teams managed money responsibly

As a non-profit organization and top-tier soccer academy, Florida Elite believes they have a duty to families to ensure dues are spent responsibly. Before Snap! Spend, this meant team treasurers periodically assembled and sent bank statements and budgets to the club. Club administrators would sort through pages of bank statements, attempting to manually compare to spreadsheets, trying to ensure compliance with club policies. With 170 teams, it was next to impossible to track everything and administrators were only finding out about problems weeks or months after the fact.

Solution: An all-in-one solution for teams to budget + collect + spend and real-time visibility and control for club admins

Florida Elite adopted Snap! Spend to give every team an easy to use financial management solution. Each team has an online Snap! Spend bank account and debit card with built-in online dues collection and budgeting tools to track spending and share it with families. For team treasurers, Snap! Spend simplified their job and minimized manual work managing team finance.

With Snap! Spend, Florida Elite admins have a complete real-time picture of every team’s finances in one place and real time spending alerts. Club admins can create new teams and bank accounts within minutes on the Snap! Spend platform, add volunteers as signers, and have visibility into player dues collections and team spending. Admins can immediately spot unusual activity, problem areas or identify if any team is struggling with their finances – before the problem becomes unfixable.

Results: Florida Elite reduced non compliant spending and created a culture of accountability

With the real-time spending alerts Snap! Spend provides admins, Florida Elite has been able to quickly review and identify transactions that don’t comply with the club’s policies. In one case, Florida Elite noticed that a coach was being reimbursed for expenses that should have been paid directly by the team treasurer. Corrections to small instances of mishandled funds have given everyone from the parents to club admins more confidence that their finances are being handled correctly. More importantly, the oversight has created a culture of accountability and transparency that helps teams stay on track.

“Not only are we able to see each team’s finances in real time, the treasurers and managers know we’re keeping an eye on it, creating a self policing effect among everyone involved in the collecting and spending process.”