Advantages & Beneftis

One of the questions we’re asked the most often here at Snap! Spend is, “Why should I use your service instead of PayPal?” After all, PayPal is easy to use and practically everyone has an account.

But while PayPal is useful for simple, one-time payments, any parent or coach who has ever been responsible for collecting payments for sports teams knows that the process is anything but simple. PayPal doesn’t have any features that make it easier to deal with the complexity that comes with collecting payments for a sports team.

And that’s where Snap! Spend really shines. We want to make collecting and paying for team fees as hassle free as possible, whether you’re a parent or a team organizer. We keep track of everything so that you don’t have to—no more trying to remember when a payment is due, or which parents you still need to collect payments from.

From signup to the end of the season, Snap! Spend takes the burden out of team fees so that you can spend more time coaching, watching, and cheering on your budding athletes.

Automated Payment Reminders

A huge part of the job of a team manager or organizer is getting ahold of parents to remind them of fees that need to be paid. It’s tedious and time consuming, and if you have to remind someone multiple times, it can get a little awkward.

PayPal allows you to request payments, but you have to manually input each transaction. With Snap! Spend, it’s all automated, taking away the burden from both the organizer and the parents. We send out email reminders for upcoming, past due, and failed payments so that you don’t have to spend time making phone calls or sending emails to track down missing payments.

Custom Payments for Each Player

Sometimes, different players on a team will owe different amounts in team fees depending on their circumstances. With Snap! Spend, you can award scholarships to excellent students or give discounts to kids’ whose parents volunteer on the team—for any situation, you can create a custom payment amount on a per player basis.

At-A-Glance Summary of Collections

If you’re the team organizer, there’s no need to keep track of who has and hasn’t made payments—you can log in to Snap! Spend and see a real-time summary of the status of your collections in seconds, including offline transactions made by check or cash.

Even if you manage more than one team, you can see everything in one place on your dashboard. It’s like combining your email, bank account, and team roster all in one convenient place.

With PayPal, you can check to see whether or not payments have been made, but each payment is treated as a one-off transaction, so by the time you’ve checked them all you haven’t saved much time over the traditional method of calling parents one by one.

Parents: Pay How and When You Want

When you sign up for Snap! Spend, you can choose whether you want to pay using a credit or debit card, or have the payment taken straight out of your bank account using an electronic transfer.

You can either pay for everything all at once at the beginning of the season, or choose to make each individual payment as it comes due by enrolling in autopay. This way, you can pay your child’s team fees on a schedule that fits into your budget.

If you decide to pay in installments, automatic billing will take each payment out of your account on the day that it’s due without requiring you to do anything. Once it’s set up, we do all the work for you.

Parents: Keep Complete Control Over Your Information and Billing

Snap! Spend will never bill you without permission, even if you’ve already signed up for automatic payments. You can log in to your account and make a change to your billing information anytime.

If your card expires or you change bank accounts, it’s easy to update your information so that your scheduled payments go through without any problems. You can also sign in to your account to stop payments, change your payment method, or leave the team anytime.

The Bottom Line

Our goal is to take as much of the work out of organizing and managing a sports team as possible so that you can focus on what you’re really there for—the team itself. As one of our customers, Matt G., said, “Snap! Spend makes everything automatic and frees me up to coach.” We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

Here at Snap! Spend, we’re dedicated to making managing your club’s money easy, starting with opening a bank account. Snap! Spend’s digital banking platform gives you an online bank account with built in online payments to collect dues and budgeting tools to track spending. It’s the easiest way to manage your club’s money.

Playing youth sports is a huge part of our upbringing. It teaches kids values like teamwork, responsibility, commitment, and work ethic. It gives them an outlet to have fun, make friends, and learn the importance of physical fitness at a young age. It’s also become a big business—a $15 billion business, to be more precise.

Unfortunately, all that money has created some ethical issues. Financial fraud and embezzlement in youth sports are seen in more and more headlines all the time. The people helping to run the teams that are supposed to instill values in our children sometimes do the exact opposite of what we’re trying to teach them.

With travel teams and clubs becoming increasingly more expensive, there’s a lot more money to keep track of. Accountability and transparency around where that money is going is more important than ever. Parents are making significant investments in their kids, and they want to know that their hard earned money is being spent responsibly.

Here’s our take on how non-profit teams and clubs can improve their accountability and transparency.

Create a budget and set clear expectations

Before you ask for any money, you should take the time to write up a budget and share it with parents so they know how much they can expect to spend for the season. If you don’t know the exact numbers yet, make a projected budget so they at least have some idea how much it will cost. Make sure that everyone knows exactly what their financial responsibility will be and tell them their remaining balance after every transaction.

Set a clear refund policy and let parents know about it upfront. Most teams do not offer refunds, so make sure parents know that if their child leaves the team mid-season, they should not expect to get their money back. Explain that when a player leaves, the team’s expenses are still the same, and the money they pay is needed to ensure you’re able to provide everything needed for the rest of the players.

Have a clear policy and process for financial reporting within the organization

Every dollar should be trackable. There should be a clear record each time money changes hands, including who it came from, who it was given to, and what it was spent on. Keep detailed records—don’t just put expenses into broad categories. Break down each category so that you know exactly where money is going. For example, rather than just saying “equipment”, make notes of the type of equipment bought (helmets, uniforms, bats, etc.). This not only deters fraud, it also helps make sure that you’re sticking to your budget.

In order to ensure that money is being spent appropriately, you need to have a system in place so that purchases and expenses are tracked and reported. For example, the team treasurers report to the club’s director of finance, who then reports to and updates the board of directors. Schedule regular reviews to go over budgets, receipts, expenses, and collection status.

Designate one person to handle collections

When too many people are collecting money, it’s easier for it to disappear, either as a result of fraud or by accident. Spreading the responsibility to more than one person creates a liability, and makes it much more difficult to keep accurate collection records. By delegating this job to one person, you can ensure accountability. There can be no confusion as to who collected what from which parents if all of the money goes to the same person.

Never mix club bank accounts with personal ones

Open a team bank account for all collections and expenses. Using a personal account for team funds is a recipe for disaster. It creates confusion and makes it far too easy for club money to get mixed up with personal funds. The hassle of combing through dozens of transactions to separate the personal purchases from team expenses is not worth it. Plus, with a separate account, there’s an added level of transparency so the treasurer can never be suspected of using club money improperly.

Allow autonomy for teams, but keep club leadership informed

From an accountability perspective, having one person handle all collections and expenses is the simplest thing but it’s not always feasible. Oftentimes clubs allow for each team to manage their own budget and collect for their team. This autonomy is important, but the club leadership should never be in the dark.

One way clubs solve this is to have each team have a separate checking account all under one organization account. Each team can access their own checking account and the club leadership has access to all accounts. This strikes a nice balance between autonomy and accountability.

If you’re using Snap! Spend to manage your team collections, you can have one club-level account and provision teams each with their own manager. That way teams can manage their own collections and the club leadership has visibility into every dollar collected.

Provide season-end and year-end financial reports

When each year or season wraps up, put together a report of exactly how the team’s money was spent. Include information about how the projected budget matched up with the actual budget. If there were any funds left over, provide a detailed explanation of what will be done with the extra money—will it be refunded or rolled over to the balance for the following season? Answering these questions will help parents and club leadership to feel confident that all collected funds were managed appropriately.

The Bottom Line

If you’re going to be collecting money from parents for team expenses, it’s important that they trust you. Being clear, transparent, and upfront puts them at ease and prevents questions and confusion later on. Planning and putting straightforward policies and procedures in place ensures that you won’t end up dealing with fraud and sets a good example for the players on your team.

About Snap! Spend

Here at Snap! Spend, we’re dedicated to making managing your club’s money easy, starting with opening a bank account. Snap! Spend’s digital banking platform gives you an online bank account with built in online payments to collect dues and budgeting tools to track spending. It’s the easiest way to manage your club’s money.

Have you ever wanted to put a link on your website or include a link in a mass email for parents to signup for a team or camp using Snap! Spend? Now you can.

When we first designed Snap! Spend after talking to hundreds of teams, we decided on a particular way of having parents sign up. We felt that having team organizers specify who should be on the team ahead of time and then sending out private email invitations was the way to go. We chose this because it allowed teams to track who hasn’t signed up yet and who hasn’t paid. It turns out, this was a good decision but this model didn’t work for every circumstance.

We’ve gotten a lot of requests asking for a signup link that teams can put on their website or include in a mass email. And there are a lot of good reasons for one. Teams often don’t know who is going to sign up and they need to open it up publicly. This applies for camps and clinics too. And some programs prefer to have people signup through their website. So, we listened carefully and built it.

How it works

Organizers can choose to allow public link signup on a per-team basis from their Snap! Spend account. Anyone who has the signup link can sign up to a team or program that has this enabled. You can enable link signup when creating a team or by editing the details of an existing team.

The link will look something like this and is unique to your account: (we can customize the last part for you). You can put this link anywhere: on your website, as part of your registration, in an email, on Facebook, in a text message, etc.

Screen Shot 2017-09-05 at 4.47.57 PM.png

1. Follow the signup link

After you’ve created your team and set the payment schedule, share the link. You can find the link in the edit team dialog or on your Settings page.

After the parents follow the signup link, they will be directed to a welcome screen and be asked to provide their email address.

Screen Shot 2017-09-05 at 12.08.50 PM.png

2. Choose player and team/program

The parent enters the player name they wish to sign up and choose the team or program from the drop-down. Only teams that you enable link signup for will appear in the drop-down.

Screen Shot 2017-09-05 at 12.11.56 PM.png

3. Provide contact information

If this is a parent’s first time signing up, they will be asked for additional contact information.

Screen Shot 2017-09-05 at 12.16.48 PM.png

4. Review payments and choose how to pay

Parents will be presented with the default payment schedule for the team. Here they can select how they want to pay. They can pay with their bank account or card. They also choose if they want to pay overtime with AutoPay or pay everything up front with “Pay All Now”.

If you’d like for a particular player to have customized payments, you have a few options. The best way is to add the player to the team ahead of time and send them a private email invitation. (Once an invitation has been sent, parents can still use the signup link and get the personalized payment schedule as long as they sign up with the same email address the invite was sent to.) Alternatively, you can always customize payments after they have signed up using the public link.

Screen Shot 2017-09-05 at 12.18.16 PM.png

5. Enter payment information

Parents then enter their payment information that will be used to charge them for payments.

6. Last step: Review and Authorize

Lastly, parents review their payments and authorize billing.

That’s it. Signing up using a link is super easy.

When should I use Link Signup?

Link signup adds a lot of new use cases for Snap! Spend. We suggest using it for the following:

  • Tryouts
  • Camps and clinics
  • Lessons
  • Teams with open signups


Create a team that players are trying out for and add a tryout fee. Parents can register to tryout using the signup link and pay the fee online. When tryouts are over and you know who is on the team, you can remove the players that didn’t make the cut. You can rename the team. You can also edit the payment schedule to include the current season’s registration and team fees. The upshot is that since parents have already signed up, all they need to do is approve the new payments, not signup again.

Camps and clinics

Most of the time camps and clinics are open to the public to sign up for. Create a team and name it as a camp. Parents can then use the link to signup and pay.

What are the pros and cons of signup link vs email invitations?

Email Invitations


  • Customize payments ahead of time and share privately
  • Track who has not signed up
  • Snap! Spend can send automatic signup reminders, upcoming payment reminders and past due payment reminders to those who have been invited but not signed up. (You can customize these notification settings in the Settings page)


  • Not good for tryouts, camps, clinics or teams where you don’t know who wants to join the team ahead of time
  • More data to enter (but worth it if you do)

Public Link Signup


  • Easy to setup, very little data to enter
  • Great for open signups for tryouts and camps or teams that aren’t invite-only
  • Can put it on your website


  • Harder to track who hasn’t signed up
  • Snap! Spend can’t send automatic reminders to people not on the roster
  • Anyone can signup
  • Parents might signup for the wrong team

Whether it’s at home, school, or work, being organized makes everything easier. And sports teams are no exception. Our goal at Snap! Spend is to streamline and take the stress out of the payment process for both the teams and the players’ parents. When all the logistics of managing or playing for a team are running smoothly, you can focus on the reason you’re there in the first place—the game.

Organized Teams Attract Better Talent—And Keep It

If your child has ever played for a team that was poorly managed, you’ve probably experienced all the downsides to a lack of organization. When you don’t have easy access to the team’s payment schedule, it’s hard to remember how much you owe and when it’s due. At Snap! Spend, we know most parents have a never ending to-do list, and our automated payment system helps you cross a few things off.

For teams, making the payment process, quick, straightforward, and painless for parents can actually give you a competitive edge. No one wants to deal with a team where making payments is a headache, and it would be a shame to lose talented players to another club due to a chaotic and confusing payment system. Keeping things simple and efficient means that parents are more likely to want their kids to play on your team again the next year. And the one after that.

It’s Easy to Make Sure Payments Are On Time When They’re Automated

When fees are automatically paid from your bank account or credit card on the day they’re due, you don’t need to worry about forgetting. You can relax for the rest of the season and know that you’ll always be paid up. And Snap! Spend will always give you a heads up when a payment is coming—we send you reminders a few days before each one is due so you can log in to view the amounts and change your payment method if necessary.

From the team’s perspective, automated payments are a huge time saver. Once the schedule is set, you don’t have to remind parents or make those awkward phone calls asking for money. You can make changes to your payment schedule or add additional fees for tournaments or other expenses at any point in the season. You can log in anytime to see how much you’ve collected and when you can expect the next payments to appear, all in one quick glance.

It Helps Teams and Parents Stick to Their Budgets

Having a payment sneak up on you means you may not be prepared when it’s due. And there’s nothing worse than having to pay a last minute bill you didn’t budget for. When you always know ahead of time exactly when a team payment is due, you can make sure to leave room for it in your monthly expenses. And those reminders we just talked about? They give you the piece of mind that you’ll never be surprised when you check your account balance.

Coaches also know how important it is to have a solid team budget. It’s not uncommon for a team to have 30% or more of their fees go uncollected, simply because there is too much confusion around what is due and when. And you don’t want to get halfway through the season and realize you don’t have enough money to cover all your expenses. When your payment system is well organized, staying within your budget is much easier because fees are more likely to be collected on time.

The Bottom Line

There are no downsides to being more organized. It gives parents and players a better experience, and saves the team a lot of hassle when it comes to collecting payments. No more remembering due dates or making collection calls. We’ve got your back.

Here at Snap! Spend, we’re dedicated to making managing your club’s money easy, starting with opening a bank account. Snap! Spend’s digital banking platform gives you an online bank account with built in online payments to collect dues and budgeting tools to track spending. It’s the easiest way to manage your club’s money.