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The National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) has agreed to a multi-year corporate partnership with Snap! Mobile, Inc., and its full-service high school program management platform.

Snap! Mobile’s program management platform supports the administrative needs of coaches and program leaders, from fundraising to fund management, budgeting, rostering, streamlined communications and more. This solution also enables high school coaches and group leaders to build thriving programs for themselves and for their participants by streamlining back-office work and providing greater transparency into program administration.

“The NFHS is excited to welcome Snap! Mobile to its team as a new corporate partner,” said Dr. Karissa Niehoff, CEO of the NFHS. “Much like our organization, Snap! Mobile prioritizes its administrators, coaches and students. Through its administrative support platform, our high school constituents can more easily work to strengthen the programs that bring so many communities together nationwide.”

As part of the two-year partnership, Snap! Mobile’s designation as an “Official Corporate Partner” will be accompanied by promotional advertising opportunities. Among those are NFHS social media posts, a rotating banner on and full-page advertisements in NFHS rules books.

The agreement with Snap! Mobile also includes opportunities to advertise via exhibitor’s booth space, digital ads and 15-second video spots, among others, at the National Athletic Directors Conference (NADC) and on the NFHS Network.

“Snap! Mobile and the NFHS share the same goal – to support the leaders of high school sports and extracurricular activities who in turn have a profound impact on the development and lives of kids,” said Cole Morgan, Snap! Mobile Inc. co-founder and CEO. “We’re honored to partner with the NFHS to offer coaches and group leadears an easy to use program management solution to support the important work they do every day to create valuable life experiences that go beyond academics for high schoolers.”

Snap! Mobile, which was founded in 2014, is the creator of Snap! Raise, the nation’s largest innovative digital fundraising platform for high school and youth athletics and activities which has helped more than 15,000 individual schools raise in excess of $500 million since its founding. The fundraising solution digitized an ongoing task for high school teams and clubs, making it easier and more effective for program leaders to raise funds year-round through online fundraising and a free-to-use e-commerce platform. Today, Snap! Mobile’s platform has grown beyond fundraising to support money management, budgeting, and other back office work providing a safe and transparent solution for all administrative needs.

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If you’ve got a team or club or you want to start a team or club, you may consider setting it up as an unincorporated nonprofit association. This guide makes it easy and enables your team or club to have a life of its own, open a bank account and enter into contracts.

First, what is an unincorporated nonprofit association? According to the IRS, an association is:

a group of persons banded together for a specific purpose. To qualify under section 501(a) of the Code, the association must have a written document, such as articles of association, showing its creation. At least two persons must sign the document, which must be dated.

Being an unincorporated association formalizes your organizations status and allows you to open a bank account and enter contracts in the association’s name.

To create your association you’ll want to take the following steps:

  1. Write and sign bylaws showing your association’s creation
  2. Get an EIN from the IRS
  3. Optionally: open a bank account in the associations name

Create Bylaws (using our easy template)

Bylaws is a fancy word for “rules” of how your association is governed. It’s your association’s constitution. 

The main requirement for your association is to have a written document showing it’s creation that’s signed by at least two people and dated.

You don’t need to be a lawyer to write them and we’ve created a bylaws template as an example. Everything is written in plain english, but you’ll see some special language in there that is recommended by the IRS in order to qualify as nonprofit.

Get an EIN (in less than five minutes)

You’ll also want to get an EIN which is a federal tax identification number for your association. You can get one online from the IRS in five minutes and you’ll need it to open a bank account and do other business for your organization.

To get started, go to the IRS EIN Assistant website.

You’ll want to choose “View additional Types, Including Tax-Exempt and Governmental Organizations”.

You can then choose your organization type, such as a youth sports organization as shown below.

Continue with the steps and at the end you’ll have the option of receiving a PDF of your EIN verification letter. Be sure to keep this as you’ll need it to open a bank account and perform other official business for your association.

Open a bank account (online in minutes)

Next, you’ll want to open a bank account for your organization. You can read our full guide, or head over to our website and open up an online bank account in minutes that gives you everything you need to manage your team or club’s money, including budgeting tools and online payments to collect dues.

Acquisition Furthers Snap! Mobile’s Development of the first High School Arts & Athletics Program Management Platform

Snap! Mobile today announced its acquisition of sports fintech startup Groundwork, a pioneering financial management platform for youth sports.

Through the acquisition, Snap! Mobile, Inc. expands its product range to be the first integrated fintech solution built, specifically to enable high school arts, athletic and youth sports programs to raise, budget, and manage money transparently in one easy to use solution

Snap! Mobile, Inc.’s acquisition of Groundwork closely follows the company’s closure of a $90M Series B round, one of the largest in the high school sports and extracurricular activities space and marks the first acquisition for the company.

Snap! Mobile, Inc. is the creator of Snap! Raise, the nation’s largest digital fundraising platform for high school arts and athletics programs, which serves more than 15,000 unique schools and organizations, and 48,000 teams, groups, and clubs around the country.

“Our goal at Snap! Mobile is to create a simple, integrated, full-service solution for high school arts and athletic programs, and our acquisition of Groundwork is a major step toward achieving this vision” said Cole Morgan, CEO of Snap! Mobile, Inc.

“We love the product the Groundwork team has created as it delivers financial transparency to school, team, and youth sports organization leaders. We are excited to begin the work to extend this offering to every high school team, club and group and give them something they’ve never had before – a complete financial management solution from fundraising to budgeting, spend tracking, and beyond.”

Groundwork founder Bill Lennon will join Snap! Mobile, Inc. as Vice President and lead its new financial technology team, where he will focus on accelerating the development of its high school financial management platform as well as the deployment of new financial services technology for youth sports organizations, from large youth sports leagues to individual booster clubs and school districts for existing Groundwork users.

“We started Groundwork with a simple goal in mind: to make it easy for youth sports leaders and volunteers to manage money safely so they can focus on making a difference in kids’ lives,” said Lennon. “Many of the individuals responsible for the financial success of youth sport organizations are first-time volunteers and busy parents. Groundwork is designed to enable anyone to step in, get up to speed, and manage organization and team funds in just a few clicks.”

Since its inception Groundwork processed more than $152M in payments from 13,800 teams and provides youth sports organizations with a financial management platform built to make managing money safe and easy.

Organization administrators, like executive directors, presidents, and treasurers of non-profit recreational, travel, and high school booster clubs use Groundwork. The platform enables them to open FDIC-insured deposit accounts via a partnership with Evolve Bank & Trust, Member FDIC. They can easily collect dues, manage budgets, issue debit cards, and disburse funds

Teams can budget, collect, and spend money under the oversight of their parent organization, which maintains financial controls and transparency into team finance. This makes financial management immensely easier for large organizations with dozens of teams and dynamic spending needs.